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Happenings at Grand Villa of Delray East

A Bingo game on Monday, Bible Study on Tuesday, Zumba on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday, and Movie Night on Friday. These events are just a snapshot of the weekly happenings that you can enjoy at Grand Villa of Delray Beach East.

Residents are invited to join organized events and activities designed to promote a healthy, happy lifestyle. Our caring staff will be sensitive to your family member’s needs during all of our happenings.

In addition to daily dining, there are many ways to be social in our spacious community areas. Residents can take classes, attend sing-a-longs, or spend quality time with friends. The list of happenings goes on and on.

Grand Villa of Delray East

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Memory Care Happenings

Residents enjoy a full calendar of social and recreational events at Grand Villa of Delray Beach East. We encourage our residents to become active and engaged. There are several on-site seminars to choose from and events change on a monthly basis to keep life exciting. Our residents love our live musical entertainment and may also choose to attend our off campus excursions as well. The options are plentiful at Grand Villa of Delray Beach East - there is never a dull moment.

To learn more about our happenings, call us to speak to our friendly staff.

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4 Daily Activities to Increase Longevity

We have some bad news. Ponce De Leon never found the Fountain of Youth. Trust us, we’ve looked; it’s not there. However, we don’t need some magical water to increase our life spans. Best Health gives us some awesome activities to add to our daily schedules that may lead to a longer life. Here are our favorites:

  • Daily Walks- Even if it’s just around the block, going for a stroll will get your body awake and moving. It is important to get fresh air and some kind of cardio exercise such as walking or jogging.
  • A Fluffy Friend- An important aspect of life is happiness. Pets will add substantial joy to your life as well as giving you a sense of responsibility, which is also a plus psychologically.
  • Socialize and Help- Two of Best Health’s tips seem to go together. Socializing with friends and family is an important part of life and it becomes even more crucial as we age. You’ll also want to help your fellow man by volunteering and helping out with causes that matter to you.
  • The Power of Fish- That’s right, the nutritional benefits of fish, such as salmon are unparalleled. Their Omega-3’s, protein, and more, can deliver you awesome health.

So, while Ponce De Leon wasn’t successful finding his fountain, he may have benefited himself on his journey by hiking, eating all that fish, and conversing with his allies.

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